• Navpreet

Hey, I’m Navpreet!!

Female · 24 y.o
From Stockton, CA, USA

I am a tidy person who will appreciate other roommates who are also tidy. I’m kind and not shy at all! Love to host parties or go out to one!

Roommate Profile

Partying : Up for parties any day of the week
Cleaning : Always tidy and organized
Tolerance to mess : It makes me sick. I'll prefer to clean it myself than to wait for somebody to do it
Sleeping : In bed after 1am
Waking Up : Waking up between 7 and 9am
Tolerance to noise : Average
Smoking cigarets : Never smoked/Never will
Tolerance to smoke : Can't stand smelling smoke
Smoking Marijuana/Cannabis : Do not smoke/Never will
Tolerance to Cannabis : Can't stand it. Do not want to be associated with it. It's a drug.
Finding the perfect roommates that are a 100% match with you will always be difficult. So the best way to go about it is to be aware of your differences with your roommate(s) and to discuss and find compromises!

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