Join the RoomChazer Team!
Join the RoomChazer Team!

About the RoomChazer Project

The Dream

Shopping for off-campus housing!

The dream is an app' that makes finding housing AND roommates an amazing social shopping experience - Airbnb X Tiktok X Bumble! The first version will be out in Spring 2024!

The Mission

Making housing easy

Our mission is to make housing easy for students, interns, or recent graduates so that starting school or a job away from home is an exciting experience all along instead of a struggle!

The purpose

Better Living Conditions!

On Craigslist and Facebook, there is no accountability, no reviews, no rules. Everything goes. RoomChazer brings transparency so students know what they get into!

Here is what they say about RoomChazer!

Why RoomChazer?


Great Roommates!

On RoomChazer, you can check your roommates' profile before booking a room! See what school they attend, their life habits, and overall roommate profile!


We ♥ Reviews

Roommates can leave reviews so you actually have a better idea of what your place is going to be like. You actually know what you are getting into!


We bet on students!

RoomChazer is all about making life easier for students and supporting students with flexible, remote, and interesting jobs is part of our mission.